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Measuring masts until 50m:
  Until a mesuring hight of 50m the measuring masts consist in parts of 6m triangle carcass segments. They composed horizontal and the needed instrumentation will be installed at the ground. The helping mast helps to erect the measuring mast. The Mast stands on a strong steelplate, the steel cables will be installed ever the terrian conditions on ground screws or carved plates. No concrete is needed. The mast is not climbable. The instrumentation can only in the horizontal position be installed or maintained. It is possible to erect the mast in almost every location. It is just necessary to reach the site by jeep with trailer (distance max. 100m).
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Measuring masts until 100m:
  The measuring mast from 40m until 100m is built with max. 2m single parts. The mast stands on a concrete foundation, the steel cables also will be installed on concrete foundations. It is possible the climp up the mast. So it is possible to install or maintain the instrumantation anytime. The mast is terrain independent and can be erect at almost every location. It is just necessary to reach the site by truck (distance max. 100m) and digger.
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A special chrismas tree:

We ever want a bigger christmas tree than our neighbours....

We did it: Although we did not reach the aim because of the bad weather condition, we have a lighted end high of 81m.
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